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VMC 800


  • Very rigid design thanks to mechanical components, exceeding required standards, from reliable suppliers,
  • Large working areas with heaviest allowable table load on the market,
  • Wide choice of most popular CNC systems from Heidenhain, Siemens,
  • Exceptionally rich standard execution with very useful equipment,
  • Highly accurate and dynamic,
  • Widest range of application in order to meet modern workshop requirements.

Technical data
Table surface mm 1000×540
T-slots: number/width/spacing mm 5/18/100
Max. table load kg 850
Longitudinal (X) mm 800
Cross (Y) mm 540
Verical (Z) mm 620
Spindle taper type ISO 40
Max. spindle speed rpm 10 000          15 000
Max. power S1 (100%) / S6 (25%) kW 10/17            10/17
Max. torque S1 (100%) / S6 (25%) Nm 56/96            64/108
Min./Max. distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 150/770
Tool changer type swinging arm ATC (cam type)
Number of tools Pcs 30
Tool-to-tool change time sec. 2,0
Max. tool diameter mm 80
Max. tool weight kg 7
Max. tool lengh mm 300
Feed rate X/Y/Z (option) m/min 0-35/35/35 (0-42/42/42)
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z (option) m/min 35/35/35 (42/42/42)
Standard type Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI
Option type Siemens SINUMERIK 840D
Accuracy of positioning (option) mm ±0,005 (±0,004)
Repeatability (option) mm 0,005 (0,004)
Total power installed kVA 30
Overall dimensions X/Y/Z: mm 2360/2480/2850
Weight approx. net/gross kg 4700/4950
  • roller-type linear guidways for all three axes
  • directly driven ball screws in all three axes
  • automatic tool changer with tool magazine
  • fully enclosed working area
  • lighting system with lamps
  • ethernet card, USB and RS232 port (for iTNC 530)
  • complete coolant installation
  • coolant wash gun and compressed air gun
  • chip flushing system
  • electronic handwheel
  • screw type chip conveyor
  • telescopic covers for all guidways
  • pull studs – 6 pcs
  • operator’s and programming manuals
  • Heidenhain linear scales for all three axes
  • tool probes
  • workpiece probes
  • CNC rotary tables (4th axis)
  • EROWA pallet changer
  • CAD/CAM software
  • coolant through spindle (20 bar)
  • cooling by compressed air (5 bar)
  • spindle thermal stabilization
  • scraper type or hinge type chip conveyor
  • other upon request